Jean Yves-Devevey


Jean-Yves Devevey is a producer based in the tiny village of Demigny, which sits just on the Northern border of the Saône-et-Loire department in Southern Burgundy.

This is a small domaine, which manages 8 hectares of vines, 4 of which are owned by the family. Maybe its an overused statement, but Jean-Yves is truly a man of the vineyard. His journey in the wine business gave him the fundamental belief that working as naturally as possible, without the usage of chemicals in the vineyard is crucial to producing great fruit. As of 2014, the wines are now certified organic.  To say he is careful and meticulous, is an understatement.  He is one of the most self-effacing winemakers that we have ever met.

It is an important point because, I can tell you, virtually no one in the business knows about these wines. Possibly, in part because of the self-effacement, but also because of the size of the domaine. I can relate to Jean-Yves as a business owner. When you are hands on, and spend most of your time trying to do something to the best of your abilities, you often have little time for promotion.

The wines of Devevey represent everything we love about Burgundy. They are pure, elegant, reflective of their terroir, and so fun to drink. They are wines you can drink in their youth, but they also age magnificently.

2017 for Devevey is a well balanced vintage. Very nice freshness, good richness due to his low yields, and overall really expressive wines, even in their youth.

These are wines to put on your list now and also to cellar for later offerings. While the prices in Burgundy are constantly on the rise these still represent incredible value!

We are so proud to support a true humble vigneron. Jean-Yves should be part of any thoughtful wine program.

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