It has been over 6 years since the beautiful white wines of the Bruna family have been in Chicago. We are thrilled to announce - they're back!

Finding wine from Liguria can be challenging. Tucked up in the Northwest pocket of Italy, often referred to as the Italian Riviera, along with its neighbor Valle d'Aosta, it is one of the countries least populous regions.

In Liguria, the hillsides, many of which are terraced, are steep and dangerous to work on. Wineries are forced to work by hand, with labor adding a significant cost to the wine. There is no such thing as "cheap" Ligurian wine, and with its minuscule production, fervent local consumption, and lack of inclusion on "by the glass" lists in the US, the wines are typically only known by the most ardent fans of Italian wines.

Bruna used to be imported by the now defunct, yet legendary importer Robert Chadderdon. As a small national importer, he championed top producers throughout Europe. His portfolio from Italy included some very famous names such as Bartolo Mascarello and Giuseppe Quintarelli. Wine buyers clamored for these wines, including one tiny Ligurian estate - Azienda Agricola Bruna.

It has been over 6 years since the beautiful white wines of the Bruna family have been in Chicago. We are thrilled to announce - they're back!

Riccardo Bruna was truly the father of estate bottled Pigato in the area around Ranzo in Western Liguria. The grape Pigato, while genetically linked to Vermentino, has an identity of its own. Its transparency to where it's grown is remarkable, and Liguria's terroir is nothing short of breathtaking. Full of fruit and fragrant aromas, it is always reminiscent of Liguria's landscape. Liguria produces some of the most versatile wines in Italy.

Terraces are lined with vines, olive groves, cherry trees and aromatic herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage is only the tipping point as your backdrop is completely seaside. Liguria refers to this as Maritime Alps, as it is hosts the truest of maritime climates, with the addition of elevation. Here, the days are typically warm and sunny, followed by cool, breezy nights.

The Bruna estate is currently run by Francesca Bruna and her husband Roberto. I visited them back in April, spending time in their meticulous vineyards, and tasting through all the wines including many back vintages. Bruna does a remarkable job of showcasing the versatility and capability of Pigato, from fresh and youthful expressions, to bottlings that are structured with layers of complexity and the capacity to age. We will highlight two selections featuring each of these ideas. We encourage you to try both, and see for yourself.

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